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I don’t like being controlled or being controlling in a relationship. I like relaxing relationships where you don’t have to know what the hell eachother is doing at all times.

Like if you’re pissing me off and I have to repeat many times that I don’t like something, yet you’re still doing it, that’s when I get controlling and boundaries have to be set. If you keep it up, we’re done. I don’t stick around to deal with shit I don’t like and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be with someone who has to tell you what to do. It shouldn’t be that way.

But if you keep me happy, give me few things to worry about, show me that you can be trusted and that I don’t have to keep my eye on you, you can always do whatever the fuck you want. I prefer doing my own thing anyways, so it’s not like I want to be checking on you all the time. If I don’t like something but you try to make an effort to make me more comfortable about it, then all is good. I won’t be a big bitch about it.

I think it all comes down to how much respect you have for the person you’re with. If you both respect eachother’s wants, comforts and needs, have mutual understandings, make an effort to communicate and not step over each other’s lines, it should be healthy and not suffocating. But if it comes to that point and it only gets worse but not better, you both have to find someone you can trust.

It doesn’t make sense to stay with someone that you have to treat as if they were your child. Yelling at them? Watching them? Making sure you know where they are at all times? Not only is that annoying to THEM, it’s tiring for you too. So be with someone that you can treat as an equal, someone that you can feel relaxed towards. Not someone you have to argue with all the time because you don’t understand eachother.

msteez | 3rd Jun 2012 | msteez
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