I'm Niki. Forever cruel, seemingly emotionless, and sarcastic - yet still a hopeless romantic. (Gay af)

I know I promised to stop, but I’m doing it again and… and fuck, I’m so sorry.


"Us and Them" — Pink Floyd

"Your Planet" — Chrome Sparks

I hate how broken and fallen apart I’ve let myself become. I hate the I gave so much of myself to someone so quickly, I hate that the person I fell for broke boundaries with me more than enough amount of times to realise that their time wasn’t worth mine. I hate how even though it was enough to make me leave, I didn’t. I’m so heart broken, and I hate how hard it is to even bare thought of you. I’m too afraid to be with you, and I’m too afraid to be without you. Fuck, dude. Why me?


So I’m at the cafe in my uni right now and I always use my laptop here right? So anyways I go to my old drug blog to look at a song I rebloged the other day for remembrance sake, and the playlist I set up on there starts okaying and a huge rush of drug paraphernaliac nostalgia hits me as the playlists changes songs. Fuck, I can remember all of my trips and all the nights I spent awake coming to peace and learning about my inner soul. I miss this.


"I'm God" — Clams Casino

"Common People" — FIDLAR

"You There" — AQUILO

I’m just gonna keep drinking so I don’t have to feel any guilt of consequence


"This Guy's In Love With You" — Mac Demarco

Stop competing with me over everything I do. It’s immature, and I’m tired of it. That’s not what “best friends” do with one another. Not my best friends anyway.


"Rose Quartz" — Toro Y Moi

"Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" — The Ramones